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Southland Scenic Cycle Tour

See Southland by cycle: Rent a bike and explore the area with a scenic mountain biking tour.

There’s no artist as innovative as Mother Nature — even when you think you’ve seen it all, there’s always some wild place with breathtaking beauty left to discover.

When you can soak in that scenery up close from the seat of a comfortable bike, you’ll make memories that last a lifetime of places so magical they almost don’t seem real. Such is the case when you explore Southland on a cycle tour. With direct access to the majestic Fiordland National Park, you can tackle tough trails for a challenge or spend a day leisurely exploring some of the most diverse terrain in the world.

Where do you begin when you want to discover Southland through a scenic biking tour? Look no further than Wild Rides. Our goal is a simple one: to be your guides for the ideal holiday or excursion experience, no matter what your specific needs. Our cycling tours are as varied as the views you’ll encounter on the ride, and fully customisable to suit both individual interests and levels of fitness. Based in Te Anau, we’re perfectly positioned to equip you with everything you need — from a route to follow to a high-quality and ultra-comfortable bike. That’s really just the beginning, though. Take a moment to consider what you might see on your adventure.

Finding Your Ideal Options for a Southland Mountain Bike Tour

Accommodating all skill levels is an important part of our work. For keen bikers and moderately fit individuals ready for a little challenge, biking the Borland Road with its steep climbs offers a unique opportunity. While you’re out on this Southland scenic cycling tour, be sure to stop for a few moments to listen — these areas are world famous for the birdsong you’ll hear filtering through the trees. Bike on to the southern reaches of Lake Manapouri and cool off with a quick dip, then prepare to finish your ride.

For families, those without much extra time in their itinerary, and those simply looking for a leisurely afternoon, a ride around Te Anau’s lakefront trails is the perfect option. With stunning views and a smooth, easy ride that takes less than two hours to complete, it’s an excellent way to start or end your day. From the saddle of one of our high-quality rentals, you’ll be able to let your mind wander for a while. For those who want a more contained way to enjoy Southland via mountain biking, access to a local park with single track riding at Perenuka is also available.

Discover What You Can Experience When You “Bike Fiordland”

At Wild Rides, we’re excited to have the opportunity to help you discover everything this stunning part of New Zealand has to offer. With a focus on quality and your satisfaction, you’ll find everything in order so all that’s left is to enjoy the day. Explore more details about the types of excursions you can take, or start your booking online now. What’s waiting for you in Fiordland?